The Benefits of Interactive Large Format Classroom Displays

It’s time to enhance your learning environment with new interactive solutions, and you want to select the right one for your school, district, or higher education classrooms. You’re familiar with projector-based interactive whiteboard (IWB) systems and interactive projectors, but have heard that touchscreen LED displays are a new trend. Which of these solutions will provide you with the greatest flexibility in content delivery, interactive capabilities, and display features at the best value?


Large format touchscreen LED displays offer expanded benefits and better overall total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to projector-based IWBs. Lesson plans become more engaging with ViewSonic’s large screen interactive displays, which function as both an IWB and a Full HD multimedia display device, enabling the use of multiple integrated materials such as educational videos, computer applications, and web-based media content. Up to ten points of collaborative contact plus ViewBoard™ application editing software enable simultaneous editing and annotating on the display surface, expanding upon key IWB benefits shown to improve educational outcomes. The built-in PC slot delivers all-in-one functionality and a safer, cable-free environment.
Versatile inputs enable connectivity for video and/or external peripherals, further extending your interactive learning options. All of which adds up to greater classroom collaboration, increased student engagement and, ultimately, improved educational outcomes.

What you'll need
  • CDE7060-T 70″ multi-functional media display + NMP-710 slot-in PC
  • CDE8451-TL 84″ 4K resolution multi-functional media display + NMP-708 high-performance slot-in PC with NVIDIA graphics processor
  • ViewBoard™ interactive (IWB) software is included

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