Secure Cloud Based Testing
With Easy to Use Privacy Screens

As your school district or institution of higher education increasingly relies on electronic records and online testing, your school board, as well as teachers, parents, and students, may all have concerns about the security of that data. You’re reviewing your privacy policies and considering enhancements but change takes time. Is there a quick way to make an improvement in the meantime?


Adding privacy screens to workstation displays is an easy and cost-effective way for educational institutions to reduce visual data breaches and safeguard the privacy of student records, as well as to prevent cheating during cloud-based test taking. When used in areas visible to parents – such as in the school office – privacy screens are a great way to boost confidence in your organization’s efforts to safeguard information. Quick and easy to install, privacy screens maintain a clear view directly in front of the display, while blocking visibility when the display is viewed from a side angle. Screen data remains visible to those who need it and blocked from those who don’t. Privacy screens further add to student and administrator comfort by reducing glare and eye strain, while helping protect the LCD screen from scuffs and scratches.

What you'll need

Privacy experts recommend taking these steps to protect your organization:

  • Increase awareness of the problem by developing and communicating formal visual privacy guidelines
  • Identify workstations that require the use of privacy screens such as the ViewSonic® VSPF line of privacy filter screen protectors
  • Use privacy screen in open workspaces, high traffic areas, and with employees who work with confidential or sensitive data such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, medical information, and strategic or financial information
  • Include best practice procedures for faculty training, mobile computing, display shut down and end-ofworkday desk clearance

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