College Sainte-Anne
Stays at the forefront of technology with 20 ViewSonic commercial displays.

Located on the banks of Canada’s historic Lachine Canal, just a few minutes from downtown Montreal, Collégial international Sainte-Anne strives to offer excellence in education—providing today’s youth with the tools necessary to become leaders of tomorrow. The only private college-level institution in the West Island of Montreal—with a student body of roughly 2,000 students—Collégial international Sainte-Anne maintains a firm focus on state-of-the-art technology, working toward ISO-14001 certification, and having already achieved campus-wide Wi-Fi integration, digital security, VoIP phones, a one-to-one student laptop program, graphic tablets, LED lighting and LEED Gold-certified student residences.

The video wall is a technology statement that really delivers a ‘wow’ factor. We expect that this tool will remain a very positive technology resource for our campus for many years to come.

- Serge Bujold, IT Coordinator



  • Create a versatile video wallin the student biblioTEC
  • Improve student communications
  • Save on printing costs for traditional posters and flyers


  • Nine ViewSonic CD4636 46-inch commercial displays (set in 3x3 formation) for the biblioTEC
  • Six additional ViewSonic CD4636 46-inch displays
  • Five ViewSonic CD523052-inch displays


  • Increased student interest via dynamic digital content
  • More environmentally-friendly student communications
  • Reduced expense (and clutter) from traditional print media

In the summer of 2010, when the College was about to transform its luminous 12,000-square-foot chapel into an ultra-modern technology library (called the “biblioTEC”), it sought to provide an advanced place of learning for its high school and college students. The goal of this renovated space was to enable students to expand their knowledge and self-understanding by providing access to paper and digital books, as well as a dozen cubicles that could be reserved for group projects.

One key aspect of the biblioTEC’s design vision included a large video wall that would keep the student body informed of local weather, news, school announcements and updates about on-campus events.

“In order to communicate with students in the past, we relied on traditional printed posters and flyers, which were static, expensive and created leave-behind clutter on our campus,” said Serge Bujold, IT Coordinator. “We knew that digital content on large displays would be a lot more dynamic and interesting.”

The challenge was finding the right displays for the right price.


To determine the right solution, Serge turned to ViewSonic for assistance and soon discovered the perfect fit: a versatile ViewSonic video wall (comprised of nine CD4636 46-inch displays set in a 3x3 formation). The giant integrated display was not only technologically-advanced, but also environmentally-friendly— dramatically reducing the need for printed posters and flyers. Plus, the video wall offered excellent value for the money and included a rare three-year warranty.

The video wall delivered numerous product features, including vibrant high-definition video, crisp images, a 2.5 mm ultra-slim bezel and multiple connectivity options. Serge also liked the fact that the displays could be set to automatically shut off at the end of the day—and to stay off on weekends—thtempus saving energy and eliminating the need for manual shut-down by a staff person.

In fact, Serge was so impressed with ViewSonic commercial displays, he purchased six additional ViewSonic CD4636 46-inch displays and five ViewSonic CD5230 52-inch displays to be placed at various locations across campus to attain integrated and consistent messaging college-wide

The Result

After implementation was complete in the summer of 2011, Serge began to see benefits immediately.

“With the 3x3 configuration, everyone in the biblioTEC can see the dynamic content and it really grabs people’s attention,” said Serge. “The video wall is a technology statement that really delivers a ‘wow’ factor. We expect that this tool will remain a very positive technology resource for our campus for many to come.”


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