Ruben S. Ayala Senior High School
Sharpens its competitive edge with ViewSonic large-screen displays.

Ruben S. Ayala Senior High School, named after California state senator Ruben S. Ayala, was established in 1990 in Chino Hills, Calif., and is one of four public high schools in the Chino Valley Unified School District.

The high school’s Marching Percussion Ensemble and Concert Percussion Ensemble are nationally recognized as top-performing percussion theater groups. During each 11-minute musical competition, 42 students perform on a 50-by-90-foot stage, where they’re judged on percussion talent, design and overall performance. For the past two years, both ensembles have earned the title of world champion during the WGASC Championships, a competition with more than 780 participating schools from around the globe.

When you find a company that is truly helpful—and a product that performs so far beyond our expectations—it’s beyond satisfaction.

- Ike Jackson, Assistant Band Director



  • Integrate large-screen displays into competitive percussion theater performances
  • Enhance each show’s visual impact
  • Find product durability that withstands a rigorous travel schedule


  • Nine 52-inch ViewSonic CD5230 commercial displays
  • One ViewSonic VOT550 mini PC


  • Stunning visual impact during each performance
  • Vivid color that can be seen from long distances
  • Excellent durability
  • Surprising performance-to-cost value

In early 2012, the Ayala Concert Percussion Ensemble wanted to enhance the impact of their shows. Fortunately, changes to competition rules now enabled them to add lights and technology to their already stunning performances.

Assistant Band Director, Ike Jackson, proposed the idea of adding large-screen displays that could be integrated into the show to add a new level of visual impact. The challenge was finding the right displays that would provide excellent visuals, while also withstanding the rigors of life on the road.


Once Jackson contacted ViewSonic, his vision started to become reality.

“They proposed various ideas and were really committed to helping me achieve my goal,” he said. “I don’t think most companies would take the time to solve a problem for a situation they’ve had never even heard of before. I can’t express how helpful the ViewSonic team was.”.

At the end of the day, the Ayala Concert Percussion Ensemble’s new solution included nine 52-inch ViewSonic CD5230 commercial displays, a VOT550 mini PC and universal power supply.

Now during each show—in a less-than-two-minute interval between performances—students use customized cranes to wheel these 85-pound displays into place and lift them to a height of 13 feet, so that students won’t block the audience’s view

“We then control our displays with the ViewSonic computer wirelessly from the audience via a Bluetooth mouse and keypad—at a distance of more than 60 feet away,” he said. “Once we hoist the displays up, lock them into place, power up the displays and they start to shine, it’s a beautiful moment.”

The Result

“Because these monitors are the first thing the audience sees during our performance, they create a tremendous visual impact,” said Jackson. “The vivid color literally jumps off the screen—it’s absolutely amazing. Even people at the top of the arena—about 250 feet away—can see the images incredibly well.”

And the displays’ durability speaks for itself. During one unfortunate performance, the display had not been properly locked and it slid off the crane to the ground 13 feet below. Surprisingly, the display didn’t shatter. In fact, when it was plugged in later, Jackson was amazed to find that it still worked just fine.

“These displays provided the excellent color, value and amazing durability we really needed,” said Jackson. “When you find a company that is truly helpful—and a product that performs so far beyond our expectations—it’s beyond satisfaction.”


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