Mexico’s National Polytechnic Institute
Makes school presentations shine with ViewSonic® Pro8500 projectors and WPG-360 wireless presentation gateways.

Founded in 1936, the National Polytechnic Institute (Instituto Politécnico Nacional, IPN) is one of the largest and most important public universities in Mexico. Based primarily in Mexico City and its suburbs, IPN is dedicated to research and education at high school, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Academic quality is one of IPN’s main distinctions: more than 95% of its students are trained at a level recognized by accrediting agencies. With more than seven decades of experience, its role in higher education, science and technology, and the quality of services it provides, has propelled IPN to become a national leader in technological education with broad public recognition.

These ViewSonic projectors and WPGs won the bid simply because they were the best price-performance option. Not only did this technology meet IPN’s specific requirements for quality, availability and price, they demonstrate ViewSonic’s excellent total cost of ownership, which means low maintenance costs over time.

- Guillermo Moreno Hernandez, Inovat Special Projects Manager



  • Replace aging audiovisual equipment
  • Add technology to new student learning areas
  • Find the best technology value for the money


  • ViewSonic Pro8500 projectors
  • WPG-360 wireless presentation gateways


  • Improved image quality through high brightness and contrast
  • More control over image management
  • Full computer and video compatibility through HDMI®, WiFi® and LAN technology
  • Low total cost of ownership

IPN continually seeks new ways to provide the finest technology tools for instructors—and the most relevant learning environments for students. In late 2010, IPN decided to replace aging audiovisual equipment and expand its audiovisual technology into new student areas by investing in state-of-the-art multimedia projectors and related accessories.


The technology bundle, supplied by Syncroart and supported by local technology distributor Inovat (Mexico City), included 78 Pro8500 projectors and 78 WPG-360 wireless presentation gateways for use throughout the university.

The reasons for IPN’s choice were clear. The Pro8500 projector features an ultrabright 5,000-lumen output, making it a perfect choice for large classrooms, conference halls and auditoriums. The latest BrilliantColor™ technology provides stunning all-digital clarity with lifelike color, sharp graphics and outstanding video. Not to mention, it offers 4900:1 contrast ratio with a 1024x768 XGA native resolution, allowing it to shine in virtually any lighting situation. Finally, the Pro8500 provides maximum installation flexibility with a 1.5X optical zoom adjustment and a multitude of connectivity options including Network Display, USB, and WiFi®. Best yet, the filterless design and long lamp life provide for easy maintenance and low total cost of ownership

The Result

Since the products were installed beginning in January 2011, IPN has been highly impressed with the results.

“The quality of the displayed images has been greatly improved with high contrast, high brightness and complete control of image management,” said Guillermo Moreno Hernandez, Special Projects Manager for Inovat. “IPN instructors can now enjoy full computer and video compatibility, including enhanced connectivity through new technologies, such as HDMI®, WiFi® and LAN.

“Thanks to this technology investment, IPN has definitely saved money, time and overall convenience,” he added. “Today, the customer is fully satisfied with their ViewSonic solutions—and they have entered a new generation of reliability and high-quality audiovisual performance.”


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