The Benefits of Full HD 1080p Resolution
For Home Entertainment Projection

You’re looking for a great DLP home entertainment projector for your media room. Higher resolution seems to mean a higher cost – is it worth it to jump up to Full HD 1080p resolution? Will it really make a difference?


Offering a greater total pixel count, Full HD 1080p resolution delivers sharper-looking, more detailed images than 720p HD and other lower resolutions. Thanks to this high pixel density, visible pixel structure is greatly reduced, enabling crisp, clear viewing, even at close distances. Additionally, 1080p is fully compatible with 1080p and 1080i high-definition content sources. This includes Blu-ray players, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, as well as a good deal of broadcast and streaming HDTV content. When your projector offers native 1080p resolution, these source content signals can be displayed in their native format without requiring scaling, which again will deliver sharper and more detailed images. It is always advisable to match your projector resolution with the native resolution of your source material. If you primarily watch classic films, a 1080p projector may not be your best choice. However, if much of your intended viewing will include current DVDs, HDTV or gaming, stepping up to a 1080p projector will enhance your viewing with sharper, more detailed images.

What you'll need

A ViewSonic® LightStream™ Projector with Full HD 1080p Resolution and SuperColor™ Technology

  • PJD7830HDL
  • PJD7835HD

What is SuperColor™? Based on an exclusive color wheel design, SuperColor features include:

  • Advanced digital image processing, dynamic lamp control and exclusive 6-segment color wheel deliver more natural, vividly clear colors
  • Integrated ViewMatch® color mode automatically optimizes color for the most common viewing applications, for greater clarity and detail
  • Improved gray-scale accuracy provides highly differentiated shades of black for greater texture and detail in dark images and scenes
  • Automatic adjustment for overexposure of projected images delivers rich detail in bright images, with no washout
  • Minimized brightness fluctuations for greater viewing comfort

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