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ViewSonic® Interactive Smart Display for AndroidTM Facilitates Social Media Interaction

A three-year-old start up founded by veterans in the tech and digital media spaces, Social Rewards is a social media-based loyalty marketing company. Born out of the founders’ desire to get loyalty program points for their own social media activity, Social Rewards awards brand consumers for engaging in social media activities such as Twitter brand mentions, Foursquare check-ins, and Facebook likes.

The VSD231 was great and it offered everything we were looking for.

- Mike Uesugi, Social Rewards CTO and Founder

  • Create a dynamic self-service interactive photo booth to promote upcoming movies in theaters.
  • Required complete remote management capabilities and intuitive ease of use.
  • The ViewSonic VSD231 23" interactive smart display for AndroidTM delivered remote management, the reliability for 16-hour days and simplified development, deployment and use.
  • The kiosk is consistently used by 20%- 30% of all theater visitors, the vast majority of whom share their photos via social media.
  • Social Rewards movie studio clients are so pleased with the success that they’re pushing for rapid deployment of booths at additional theaters.
  • Plans are in place to expand into new major markets.

Already promoting movies through their social rewards programs – helping members earn loyalty points for watching and tweeting about trailers – the Social Rewards team was looking for ways to expand in this market. Insight from one of their Instagram programs pointed the way.

“We realized that people love taking pictures and sharing their experiences and we wanted to find a way to use that to help the studios promote movies – and help our members earn more loyalty points,” said Social Rewards CTO and Founder Mike Uesugi. “Our studio partners liked the idea of putting something right in the theaters, since that audience is more likely to come back and generate more interest and revenue for new movies than On Demand viewers.”

The first hurdle was creative: the team wanted to do something more interesting and enticing than taking a picture with a poster or cutout. In addition, said Uesugi, the solution had to be simple, making it easy not only to take photos but to quickly share them as well. Finally, sticking strictly to budget was imperative for this young, 10-person start up.


The Social Rewards team decided on green screen technology to deliver the fun factor by enabling users to put themselves visually inside the movie being promoted. This led to the photo booth concept, which then came to life as a 5’ x 7’ x 9’ visually dynamic photo booth featuring a backlit movie poster to grab attention and promised the ability to “put your selfie into a movie scene” with your choice of characters.

“We wanted a self sufficient photo booth, where we’d only need power from the theater,” said Uesugi. “It was important that the theater staff have no worries over our booth. We’d provide our own hot spot and needed to be able to control it all remotely.”

Before taking the concept to production, the team needed to find the right technology to support user interaction. Achieving the goals of simplicity, ease of deployment, and intuitive use called for an all-in-one touchscreen display solution. In addition, the team wanted a screen that was at least 20 inches.

“At first we thought we might use an iPad or tablet with an 11 or 12-inch screen, but we quickly realized that wasn’t big enough, that it didn’t provide the experience we wanted,” said Uesugi. “We also quickly determined we wanted to use an Android OS, which is simpler and less expensive compared to Windows and Apple.”

These decisions, said Uesugi, left them with fairly limited options. After testing models from ViewSonic, HP, Asus and a few others, the ViewSonic VSD231 23” multi- touch smart display – which delivered tablet-like browsing, a touch-enabled Full HD display, and a traditional PC computer all in one convenient device – quickly rose to the top of the short list.

“The other products weren’t able to offer the critical remote reboot function we needed. ViewSonic could, their product was great, and it offered everything we were looking for.”

Vital to the program was the ability for the unit to be fully remote controllable. A small start up, Social Rewards didn’t have the resources to support onsite restarts in the event that the theater experienced a blackout, or even if the program experienced a glitch.

“We recognized that this was a new program, and problems might occur that could cause the screen to crash or freeze,” said Uesugi. “We needed to be able to do a hard reboot, turning the power off then back on again, from our remote power unit. ViewSonic was the only one that could offer this.”

What’s more, Uesugi said, ViewSonic was consistently helpful throughout the process.

“ViewSonic is very, very helpful,” said Uesugi. “Any time we had a question about the system they came back to us right away. They’re very on top of things and their customer support is great. They even made us a test unit.”

The Result

Debuting in five Southern California theaters, and running from 8:00am to midnight daily, the photo booths have clearly captured the imagination of movie audiences, with 20%-30% of all theater visitors stepping in to capture a selfie then sending it off to their friends, family, and social media contacts via mobile number or email.

“There’s always a big line,” said Uesugi. “People love taking pictures and choosing a movie scene with a favorite character makes it a fun experience. We’ve had as many as nine people take pictures together, and we’ve had one person take twenty pictures – and just about everyone shares them.”

Be it Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, the landing page displayed on the ViewSonic VSD231 23” interactive smart display makes it easy to quickly enter a phone number or email address then share the love.

“It’s been really good for the studios, the added promotion for an upcoming movie,” said Uesugi. “The guests at the theater see it then they share it, generating even more promotion.”

Initially heralding the movie Vacation from Warner Brothers, the following month the booths featured Hotel Transylvania 2 from Sony – offering guests the choice of selfie scene shots with Mavis, Drac or Frank. Spring-boarding on these successes, studios are asking Social Rewards to increase the number of installed units. Plans are in place to rapidly deploy five additional booths in Southern California theaters. After that? Talks are in progress with major theater circuits to expand into major markets like Chicago and New York.

“The response has been amazing,” said Uesugi. “So far, everything’s been great, and ViewSonic has been very helpful in making this a success.”


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