Safeguard Productivity and Prevent Digital Signage Downtime

Not only does digital signage downtime mean lost message visibility, it can sap IT staff time as well. Whether a single sign in a small business setting or a high-visibility network of dozens of displays in a mall or corporate headquarters, you want to do everything possible to avoid downtime. Power outages have been a problem, especially in certain regions of the country with harsh weather conditions. While some installations may have a back up power source, even in times of a brief outage content playback halts until staff has time to restart the network and systems delivering content to the displays.


Equipped with unique auto reboot and play functionality, ViewSonic’s NMP-302w high-definition wireless network media player will restart and play your chosen backup playlist in the event of a power outage. Simply preload and schedule backup content and the integrated watchdog timer will automatically reboot your devices following a power outage and display the preselected content – no user intervention needed. This productivity-saving feature also automatically re- establishes the displays’ network connection, further reducing time- consuming management requirements. Delivering 1080p multimedia playback on large format displays and other digital signage solutions, the ViewSonic® NMP-302w network media player is packed with features that make producing, scheduling, and loading customized multimedia content fast and easy. With an integrated watchdog always on the alert, you can be assured of messaging that is as reliable and continuous as it is good looking.

What you'll need
  • With easy plug-and-play setup, auto reboot, and remote management, the NMP-302w is the media player you can trust to reliably deliver your messages.

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