Digital Signage Content Management
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Infinitely adaptable and highly engaging, digital signage is inherently more cost-effective and eco-friendly than traditional print signage. Through the use of digital signs, businesses, schools, and organizations of any size can reduce costs and improve message delivery for conference room scheduling, directional advertising, customer and employee communications, dynamic branding, emergency notifications, and more. Many, however, hesitate to implement digital signage, assuming that the costs, technical skills and time required to manage it would be beyond their organization’s capabilities.


ViewSonic’s DisplayIt X Digital Signage Content Management Scheduler makes it easy for virtually anyone to load, schedule, and manage a digital signage network. By using the familiar Microsoft Outlook meeting scheduler as its content management engine, DisplayIt X eliminates the need for complex software, enabling users to upload content as easily as they schedule a meeting.

What you'll need

Offering a low learning curve, simple set up, and ease of use, DisplayIt X lets users:

  • Manage an unlimited number of digital signs using their Microsoft Outlook calendar
  • Create “playlists” simply by dragging and dropping content files
  • Easily edit, update, or delete content and schedule it for days, weeks, or years in advance
  • Build content from any media type, such as video, JPEGs, PowerPoint, flash, web pages & PDFs
  • Adjust sign schedules remotely from mobile devices
  • Receive e-mail notification updates
  • 4Utilize Outlook security for administration privileges

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