Centralized Control of Multiple TVs

TV content can deliver entertaining and informational benefits in many settings, from restaurants, stores, and schools, to any hospitality venue or waiting room. Deployment and management, however, is time consuming and complex. You know your business could benefit from them, but you find the thought of the daily management of TVs daunting. Or perhaps you’re already using them and your customers love the entertainment value, but your staff spends way too much time adjusting channels and settings every day. Is there a way to make controlling a group of TVs more efficient?


Unlike consumer TVs, commercial-grade TVs include an RS232 control input that greatly simplifies the management of groups of TVs. RS232 enables group control, setup calibration, and cloning of all TVs from a single centralized PC, enabling users to turn an entire group of TVs on or off with the touch of one button. It also enables users to change the input source from the administrative PC – completely eliminating the need to walk around to every unit with a remote control. Management of RS232-equipped TVs, such as ViewSonic’s 24", 27", 32" and 42" VT series displays, is quick and easy, saving you time and increasing the efficiency of your operations. For customers using a DLNA digital living network to centralize control of their media products, ViewSonic® VT series TVs also feature integrated HDMI CEC control.

What you'll need
  • Commercial TV equipped with RS232 connectivity, such as:
    • 24" VT2406-L
    • 27" VT2756-L
    • 32" VT3200-L
    • 42" VT4200-L
  • An administration computer
  • A free RS232 control utility
  • A RS232 cable for each display connecting to the computer
  • Your set up may require a Db9 “Y” connector for multi-display installations

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