5 Year Interactive ViewBoard warranty for Education

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How does it work?

It’s simple! If you have bought one or more of ViewSonic’s interactive Viewboard for your Education establishment after Oct 1st 2016, you can register online to receive an exclusive 5 years limited warranty. Complete peace of mind!

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Better Services

Extended Warranty:

ViewSonic provides customers with the security of a manufacturers warranty against defected products. We are keen to provide our customers with great peace of mind and confidence in our product. With that in mind, we are now providing a total of 5 years limited warranty on selected ViewSonic Interactive Viewboards for education.

The Service:

At ViewSonic, we are devoted to customer satisfaction and committed to positive relationships with every company and individual with whom we do business. In our commitment to provide the best customer support, we offer competitive warranties adapted for each product type. ViewSonic offer an on site service at the customer site ensuring minimal downtime.

Applicable products include: CDE5560T, CDE5561T, CDE6560T, CDE6561T, CDE7060T, CDE7061T, CDE8452T


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