Long lasting and reliable , now with 3LCD distance match

Long lasting and reliable LightStream DLP, now with 3LCD distance match

Due to different optics, lens and projection technologies, 3LCD projectors have historically had a different throw ratio to DLP projectors. Now, ViewSonic are also addressing the requirements of those looking replace their existing 3LCD projectors with the long lasting colours, superior contrast ratios and more affordable running costs that LightStream DLP projectors offer.

3LCD vs ViewSonic LightStream Throw ratio

Various models from the new LightStream projector range now feature a typical throw ratio of 1.5 –1.8 (o r above) designed to match the 1.5 – 1.8 throw ratio of 3LCD projectors. This means that LightStream projectors can now easily replace 3LCD projectors and be fitted to an existing ceiling mount and project an image within a pre-installed screen.

The Benefits of LightStream Projectors vs 3LCD Projectors

Long Lasting Colour Accuracyd

ViewSonic projectors provide reliable picture quality you can count on after thousands of hours of use. LightStream projectors virtually eliminates image degradation known as colour decay, a yellowfaded tint that 3LCD projectors may develop after extended use. Even after years of use we continue to produce stunning, sharp images that last.

Low Cost of Ownership

LightStream projectors offer a lower total cost of ownership over the lifetime of your projector with no filter and a longer lamp life. The absence of filter also means you do not have the hassle of cleaning,maintaining and replacing filters at an additional cost.

Outstanding Readability

LightStream projectors produce high native contrast ratios, one of the most important qualities whether you’re presenting the latest financial report, or ensuring students see every word even from the back of the room. Our new projectors feature contrast ratios of 15,000:1 for deep blacks and crisp whites that ensure your presentations will be of the highest quality even in higher ambient light.

Very Fast Video Performance

LightStream projectors offer an unparalleled 16 microsecond response time giving users precise, razorsharp images with no lag time between frames. Specifically designed for high-speed action and supporting up to 144 Hz refresh rates, movies, games, and other fast-paced content are experienced in crisp, vivid detail.

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